Payment Policies

All registered students and their parent/guardian must sign (or approve online) a yearly Policy Form before they are admitted to class. Admittance is on a first-come, first-served basis. The first monthly tuition payment and registration fee must be received before a student is officially registered. We also require a valid credit card be kept on file. Tuition is due by the first of the month. You may sign up for auto-pay and your card will be charged the first of the month. If you are not on auto-pay, there is a 5-day grace period. If tuition isn’t received by the 5th, the credit card on file is charged. If your card is declined and you don’t arrange for payment by the 7th, a $25 late fee is assessed. Students with accounts more than 2 weeks in arrears will not be permitted to take class.

Monthly tuition is determined on a calendar month basis. Tuition rates are the same each month regardless of the number of weeks. TUITION IS DUE A MONTH IN ADVANCE TO ELIMINATE A JUNE PAYMENT. You may choose to pay the entire 10-month tuition in advance, but please note that payments are non-refundable.

You may send payment in the mail (PO Box 923 Nashua, NH 03061), drop it by the office or pay by credit card. A $35 fee will be assessed for returned checks.

Missed Classes & Make-Up Classes

There are no refunds for missed classes once a tuition payment is received. Make-up classes are available and encouraged. Please arrange your make-up class with the office. Missed classes may be made up within one month.

Dropping Classes

If a student would like to drop out of any class, the parent/guardian must sign a drop form before Allegro stops invoicing for payment. Monthly tuition and late charges apply if a drop form is not signed. Once we’ve been notified in writing, we will mail a refund check for the following month’s payment.


Allegro will be closed on Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas break, Winter break, Easter, Spring break and Memorial Day. These holidays/vacations have been accounted for in monthly tuition payments. Please view our calendar for more information about upcoming events and closures.

Costume Deposit & Balances

Allegro’s recital is full of professional lighting, costumes, and music. Students are asked to purchase a costume for each class. A $50 costume deposit (per class) is due November 15th. Balances are due March 15th. Costumes cost an average of $75-$90.

Pick Up Procedure

All students under the age of 13 are asked to wait in the lobby for their parents after class. For their safety, we ask that you come up the stairs to pick them up. Our older dancers are reminded to always leave with a buddy or ask a member of our staff to escort you to the parking lot. Although, we have never had an incident – we would much rather be safe than sorry!!!

Inclement Weather & Make-Up Class Policy

With regard to inclement weather, morning classes will always be cancelled if Nashua Public Schools are cancelled OR delayed. Afternoon classes may still be held, however. Please check your email or our Facebook page if the weather looks questionable. 99% of the time, we make our decision about afternoon classes by 2pm.

The first time your classes are cancelled due to weather, we recommend you come to another class in your level as a make-up. For example, if you are enrolled in Int/Adv Ballet and your class is cancelled, you may attend any Int/Adv level class (tap, jazz, hip-hop, etc.) within 30 days of the cancelled class. If your class is cancelled more than once because of weather, we will find a time to offer a separate make-up class or we will try to add time before or after your class for several weeks to make-up your class.

* Please note – when classes are cancelled due to weather you are not required to make them up. Your dance team attendance requirement will not be affected. You are welcome to make-up the class because you paid for it.

Dance Studio Etiquette

The dance studio is a place where we all come to have fun but we also come to learn. Here are a few rules to keep in mind when at the studio so you and your children will get the most out of their experience:

  • Arrive on time. If you are more than 10-15 minutes late, your teacher may ask you to sit and watch class to prevent injury from missing the warm-up and to avoid interrupting to the rest of the class.
  • Be dressed appropriately for class.
  • Be quiet and respectful in all areas of the studio including the common areas.
  • No chewing gum.
  • Pick up after yourselves in dressing rooms, classrooms, hallways and the play area.
  • No gossiping or assumptions allowed – always speak to your child’s teacher or the director if you have a concern.